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Casseroles and stews aren’t quite back in yet…

With the weather staying warmish for the foreseeable future, customers at the pubs and restaurants we cater for are still preferring a burger with fries and salad, or a steak or perhaps even a piece of chicken, rather than a hearty stew.

We just haven’t quite reached that time of year yet, when the beef bourgignon or the aromatic lamb stew are back on the menu.

Customers are still sticking with the lighter dishes, the more seasonal choices that help to prolong the summer just that little bit longer. Even though the nights are drawing in pretty quickly now, the days are still warm and it is encouraging customers to continue to choose the more salad led dishes, based around the warmer months.

Having been a tougher summer for farmers, it has really helped the food trade. With many more customers spending their evenings, sitting in pub gardens and enjoying the warmth that our great 2018 summer has brought us.

It won’t be long until this is over and then the more wintery and autumnal dishes will be back on the menu. As one of the leading catering butchers in the south east of England, we are completely ready for all eventualities. That’s what we are great at – we can forecast well, what is going to be requested from the many eateries that we provide our quality meat for.

Please get in touch, if you are thinking of changing meat suppliers. Either by calling us on 01424 730417, emailing us, or please just fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch.

It’s been a great summer for all of our customers. This wonderful summer has given people the desire to go out to eat more often. Let’s hope this carries on through to the winter months…

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