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British Poultry Meat Standards

Burts Catering Butchers are proud of the British poultry meat standards maintained by farmers up and down the country.

British Poultry Meat Standards

British poultry meat farmers are excellent at putting safe, wholesome and affordable food on the table of every UK household. Nearly one billion birds are reared for food every year, and this equates to half the meat that the country eats.

UK farming is demand driven, based on what consumers can afford to pay as well as on the availability of land, but with no compromise on standards. The welfare of birds is about how they are farmed and how they are looked after. British poultry is a national success story, because of good animal practices as well as an openness in the sector to accept change, encourage innovation and share best practice.

British farmers carefully control the environment of every single shed under their care. A great deal of effort is spent in ensuring that the birds get the right amount of daylight and fresh air, are surrounded by objects to peck, straw bales they can jump on, with perches.

The industry takes pride in employing the best people for bird health and welfare. Close controls on British farms ensure that disease, pollution and the carbon footprint are kept to a minimum.

Everything possible is being done to feed the nation with the food that consumers trust, carefully grown to high standards, while maintaining bird health and welfare.

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