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Apprenticeships for the Next Generation

With exam results just out and universities being approached for degree type courses, there is still a massive market for apprenticeships. Many students do not feel the need to go to university and would prefer a more vocational apprenticeship.  A course that will offer not only an end goal, but with a more hands on approach and experience being gained over time.

Apprenticeships in the meat industry don’t just stop at butchery. They can be right across the food chain, from engineering to processing, through to marketing. And British manufacturers see this, with many offering good quality apprenticeships right across the broad spectrum of roles.

The British Poultry Council are promoting new apprenticeship standards, which are much more vigorous than just passing exams. They will be placing higher emphasis on all round development as well as performance in the workplace, which goes back to the original premise for an apprenticeship. This will ultimately ensure that a company will also grow it’s skills, by recruiting and training the right person for each role.

In order to maintain and grow any industry, it will be down to having the right people. To ensure they are growing as well as learning consistently will ultimately mean the company will flourish and be able to expand.



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