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A Roasting Summer…

Families ate more roast dinners this summer than last year!

Families in Britain have tucked into more roast dinners over this summer than the same period last year according to Kantar Worldpanel. The statistics show that sales in beef and other popular roast dinner meats are up by 50%. Amazing considering all the glorious hot weather we have had!

Of course, it is likely to be the Coronavirus pandemic which has affected the sudden increase in families cooking roast dinners over the last few months. More people have been self-isolating and spending longer periods of time at home. So it’s likely they had more time to cook food for their family. Cooking a roast dinner is an ideal nutritional meal, which also tastes amazing.

Roast Dinners - Burts Catering Butchers

What makes the perfect roast dinner?

One of the great things about roast dinners is that you can have so many combinations that can be classified as a roast dinner. However, you might very well have a very specific idea of what forms the perfect roast dinner for you.

There are plenty of vegetables that work well as part of a roast. It could be carrots, swede, turnips, parsnips, or broccoli. You might also be inclined to having a few Brussel sprouts on your plate to make the perfect roast dinner.

It’s clear though that the cornerstone of any roast is the meat you choose, and everyone has a clear favourite. Whether you enjoy roast pork, beef, lamb, turkey, or chicken; you can pair it with your favourite vegetables to create a great roast dinner for you and your family.

And then there are all the extras; stuffing (which flavour do you love?), Yorkshire puddings, bread pudding, suet pudding, condiments…these all go towards making your own roast special to you!

If you’re cooking turkey, we have some tips from a previous blog post explaining the best way to cook the joint.

Looking for meat for the perfect roast?

As a catering butcher in the South-East; we provide great tasting, free-range meat to restaurants all over Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

Whether you’re a pub or restaurant offering a Sunday Roast or even a carvery; we can provide you with sensational British meat for your customers. Get in touch with us by phone or email to see what we can do for your business.

If you’re just looking for meat for your family roasts at home; Burts Catering Butchers also offer a home delivery service to customers in East Sussex. Perfect for families who’d like delicious meat for a roast dinner delivered straight to your door.

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